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  1. Prezzaccio Amazon versione in inglese a 19,10!! https://www.amazon.it/Metallica-Authorized-Visual-History-Puppets/dp/1608877469/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1508920411&sr=8-1&keywords=metallica+back+to+the+front
  2. Master Of Puppets Remaster

    Battery live in Japan (piccola anticipazione del DVD live in Japan...) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-OCWSMNGfc

    Per chi non l'avesse ancora acquistato segnalo che su Amazon.it c'è la versione deluxe è a 27 euro https://www.amazon.it/Lulu-Deluxe-Tube-Ltd-Edt-Metallica/dp/B005MW8CTM/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1504875500&sr=8-8&keywords=lulu
  4. Su Amazon.it versione francese a 16 euro https://www.amazon.it/Metallica-back-front-Lhistoire-officielle/dp/2364804671/ref=sr_1_2?s=english-books&ie=UTF8&qid=1504875342&sr=1-2&keywords=metallica+back+to+the+front
  5. Master Of Puppets Remaster

    Io come Kil o Ride sono molto ansioso del contenuto dei DVD :P
  6. Come fù per Kill e Ride ora tocca a Master. Quì l'unboxing dell'edizione Deluxe fatta dal buon James.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhZWUD6hEj4 Uscirà nelle seguenti versioni: -) CD + Libro (lo stesso contenuto dell'edizione deluxe con foto inedite) (Link) -) CD (lo stesso contenuto dell'edizione deluxe con foto inedite) (Link) -) Libro (lo stesso contenuto dell'edizione deluxe con foto inedite) (Link) -) LP + Libro (lo stesso contenuto dell'edizione deluxe con foto inedite) (Link) -) LP (lo stesso contenuto dell'edizione deluxe con foto inedite) (Link) -) 3 CD + Libro (lo stesso contenuto dell'edizione deluxe con foto inedite) (Link) -) 3 CD (lo stesso contenuto dell'edizione deluxe con foto inedite) (Link) -) Deluxe Box set (3LP + MP3 Download Card, 10 CD, 2 DVD, 1 Musicassetta, Libro, Testi scritti, Litografia "Damage Inc." autografata, 6 spille) (Link)
  7. Danko Jones torna in Italia, ecco i dettagli dell’unica data italiana 08 SETTEMBRE 2017 @ Live Music Club – TREZZO SULL’ADDA (MILANO) Ingresso in cassa 25,00€ Ingresso in prevendita 20,00 € + d.d.p.
 Prevendite disponibili sui circuiti Ticketone(Link), Mailticket, Vivaticket(Link) e Bookingshow.
  8. Disponibile da oggi il video del singolo "My Little RnR"
  9. Duetto Lady Gaga-Metallica ai Grammy Awards?

    Per mè è stata una c****a pazzesca
  10. Comunicato ufficiale: Stasera niente show; sarà recuperato il 2 settembre We’re very disappointed to have to share with you that unfortunately as Saturday has progressed, James’ health, and specifically his throat, is not improving and he is under strict doctor’s orders to not sing one single note. So sadly we have to report that we will be postponing tomorrow’s show at the Royal Arena until September 2, 2017. Our week here in Copenhagen is something we have had circled on the calendar for a very long time as a special event not only for our friends in Denmark but also for us and we were really looking forward to celebrating the new arena with you. To those of you who were there yesterday, we appreciate you encouraging us to carry on . . . that meant the world to us! We all felt really bummed that we were unable to give you the maximum Metallica experience; it was one of the most challenging shows we’ve ever played, but your love and support got us through. We know that many of you made travel plans to spend the weekend with us and we are very sorry for any inconvenience this will cause. We hope that you will be able to come back to Copenhagen in September and we’ll do our best to make it up to everyone with something unique for you at the make-up gig, along with a kick ass show of course! And to APHYXION, the band who won your votes to be Sunday’s opening act, we hope you’re available in September. Thank you again for all the support and care you’ve always shown us in Denmark. We will be back! The technicalities: If you have already traveled to Denmark and are able to attend either of the shows on February 7th or 9th, please contact Ticketmaster Denmark, who will do their best to help with replacement tickets for one of these shows although they are very limited. If you are not able to attend the rescheduled date on September 2nd, please contact them before March 1st for a refund of your tickets. Phone: + 45 7015 6565 or by email servicecenter@ticketmaster.dk. A refund will only apply to the original buyer of the tickets, and you will need to verify your ownership of the tickets by providing Ticketmaster with the last 4 digits of your credit card number. Face value will be refunded but not service fees. PS: We are monitoring James’ voice on a day-to-day basis so watch this space for updates.
  11. Ieri sera erano ospiti a Radio Lombardia sotto link per l'ascolto (dal minuto 2:55 in poi) (Dovete cliccare su: Linea Rock del 27-01-2017) ;) http://www.radiolombardia.it/podcast/
  12. Aggiornato al primo post nuova traccia "My Little RnR" da poter ascoltare e tutte le info relative a tutte le edizioni
  13. Aggiornato al primo post track list + edizioni (pre ordinabili su EMP)